In-Store Visitor Policy

We are a family friendly store with ample room for strollers and whole families, being parents ourselves we know how important that is to our shoppers.  We have taken care to move high value items away from the busier corridors so we can reduce the risk of breakage as much as possible.   As with many stores with high value breakables, we encourage you to handle delicate items but with as much care as possible.  Most items in the store are very delicate.

Our Policy for broken items is simple; in the unfortunate event that a Customer breaks an item, they are required to pay for the item, however at a substantial discount to help us solely recover the cost of the item.   However we wouldn't like to see anyone walk out empty handed if something like this happens, so customers who buys a similar priced item won't be required to cover the cost of the damaged one.  It will be on us.

For our customers with children in the store, we do have sections with products like plush toys and more robust children's ornaments that are usually in their reach, while more delicate breakables are higher up and on shelves.   

We look forward to seeing you in our store.